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Animated Super Mario Teaser Trailer Impresses the Haters

Universal Pictures and Illumination’s animated film adaptation of the “Super Mario Bros.” game franchise has just dropped its first full trailer and it’s left the …

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PlayStation Exclusive Sackboy: A Big Adventure is Making the Move to PC

Sony announced that one of its biggest platformer franchises “Sackboy” will be coming to PC with the PS5 launch title “Sackboy: A Big Adventure” is set to be released for PC on October 27th.

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Playstation Plus
PlayStation Plus Gets 3 ‘Must Play’ Titles in October

As we get ready to head into another month it’s time to check all the titles coming to the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup for October.

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Doccydarko Ladyschoice
Take a Chance on “Lady’s Choice” – Review

The basic premise of the game is to impress the lady enough to win her hand in marriage. It’s a game of English Gentlemen in the 1890s all playing for the affection of a lady, The Catch or Catches depending on the number of players. She is looking for the “dandiest” suiter and players need to show off their best attributes while trying to disguise their flaws in the hope that the Lady will choose them.

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