ONRUSH a Racing Game that’s Different

I’m not really a car guy and racing games aren’t generally my thing. I love Mario Kart and that probably sums it up. That’s what makes ONRUSH the perfect game for people like me.

ONRUSH is fairly original as a driving game. It’s not a game about going faster than everyone else, it’s about what they call the “stampede” a chaotic rush of explosive excitement.

To win a game you need to takedown your opposition and to do that you’ll need teamwork.

There are four main modes, OVERDRIVE, which is a boost to win, SWITCH as you get increasingly stronger vehicles and try to stay alive, COUNTDOWN has a decreasing clock but hitting gates increases your time and LOCKDOWN which is all about controlling a moving zone in free for all.

Vehicle classes each hold their own individual set of traits and “RUSH” abilities, so you can either choose something with good attack or offer a more supportive role to the team.

If I had to compare this to other games I’d say it is slightly reminiscent of games like Burnout and Carmageddon. I also got a real vibe of a game I used to play called Powerslide created by an Aussie company called Ratbag.

Good game that is worth your time and hard earned.

4 out of 5

Official ONRUSH Site HERE



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