Nintendo Switch Announcements Deliver Big Titles

Now that we can digest E3 a bit more it’s time to take a look at what Nintendo offered up at the conference.

The company usually chooses it’s big announcements through it’s own “Nintendo Direct” service because, well.. they just like to be different. They run their own race.

One of the biggest announcements was the return of Super Smash Bros this time for the Switch. The Game will feature EVERY CHARACTER in Smash Bros history as well as a new and improved game play system. We’ll see this in time for Christmas (Dec 7 release).

It’s not the only game getting the “Switch” makeover either, we are getting a new game in the Mario Party series that will use all of the features of the system, in fact you can use a few systems at once.

Daemon X Machina – I was a fan of Armoured Core and the Mech Warrior series so this game has me intrigued but I’m not a fan of the cell shaded stylised graphics.

Fortnite is now available on Switch and for me it’s probably one of the best systems to play it on. The controls work really well and the system connect to online pretty well on wifi, not really a “game on the go” version but really great on handheld mode.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country is looking really good! Guide a group of legendary warriors on a journey through the tragic history that doomed a kingdom and drove a hero down a dark path 500 years before the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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