Nintendo has a Mario-Packed 2024 Lineup and the return of Tomb Raider

Nintendo seems to be unleashing a Mario extravaganza with multiple remakes on the horizon. First up, we have the beloved GameCube classic, “Paper Mario: The 1000 Year Door,” getting a full remake treatment. Fans of this RPG gem can’t wait to relive the adventure with updated visuals and gameplay enhancements.

The SNES classic, “Super Mario RPG,” is also in line for a remake, promising to bring Mario’s epic RPG journey back to life with modern flair. For those who have a soft spot for puzzle-solving, “Mario vs. Donkey Kong” from the GameBoy era is making a comeback, complete with local co-op for some nostalgic multiplayer fun. New trailers for all these titles dropped during the most recent Direct.

Princess Peach Takes Center Stage

Another exciting reveal from the presentation is “Princess Peach: Showtime.” In this upcoming title, Princess Peach embarks on a theatrical adventure alongside her newfound companion, Stella. Mark your calendars for March 22nd, as that’s when the spotlight will shine on this intriguing game.

Luigi's Mansion 2: HD Remastered and Ready for Co-op Fun

The ghost-hunting adventures continue as Luigi’s Mansion 2 gets a proper HD remaster. The graphics have been polished to match the excellence of “Luigi’s Mansion 3,” and co-op multiplayer mode is back in action. Prepare to get spooked all over again!

Beyond Mario: Exciting Titles Await

While Mario stole the show, there are other gems to look forward to. “F-ZERO” fans can rev their engines for “F-ZERO 99,” a thrilling battle royale experience that’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping. And for all you detective enthusiasts, “Detective Pikachu Returns” unveiled a tantalizing new trailer, promising more puzzling mysteries to solve.

Ubisoft also had a surprise in store with “Prince of Persia – The Lost Crown,” taking the franchise back to its 2D roots. Get ready for epic platforming action when it launches on January 18th.

Tomb Raider on the Switch

One surprise comes in the form of the original “Tomb Raider” trilogy making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Expect remastered visuals and the added ability to toggle between the original and remastered graphics at any time. Get ready to raid tombs on February 14th!

Mario is leading the charge here so while 2024 is shaping up to be good year for Nintendo fans it’s not “great” as this is a list of remakes and remasters with very little new content to explore. These games will all be amazing on the Switch but it does make you wonder just how much life is left in this console.


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