New Osmo: Keep the Kids Entertained and Educated

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Entertaining the kids at home is going to be the norm for a little while and it’s no easy task for parents who are in isolation with them. You are going to want some fun interactive things to do either together or alone while you get those important home tasks done. 

OSMO is perfect for that because it’s not only fun and entertaining it’s also educational. While there are question marks over kids going to school and if they will return after the normal holiday period it’s up to us to keep their minds active in learning.

A little while ago I reviewed the OSMO Little Genius Starter kit which is a great first step into this world of interactive learning. You can watch that video here.

Now OSMO has released the Osmo Coding Jam. Which is a hands on approach to learning the basics of coding through a game which lets you be super creative in designing your own music. 

Like other products in this range it is made up of the physical parts of the product and the digital parts. Using these together makes it feel like your kids aren’t getting smashed with screen time and instead have a real life tangible component to work with.

In this case it’s blocks that you lay down in order to design songs and beats.There are lots of characters built into the app to help you learn along the way and different levels of difficulty based on around 5 years and up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see even younger kids picking this up either, some kids seem really gifted with this type of learning motivation.

This works with Apple’s iPad or iPhone and you can either do it by yourself or collaborate with other users. You’ll need the Osmo Base and Mirror that you get in the Genius Starter Kit so keep that in mind. 

STEM learning is a vital part of the schooling curriculum that connects Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Back when I was at school all of those subjects were just separate and not nearly as fun. It’s all about thinking critically and adapting to changing situations, So “Creative Troubleshooting”. 

The team at OSMO understand this inside out and the products they have are fantastic tools to help your child learn while having fun. 

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