NBN Blames Gamers for Slow Speeds

Seems that the National Broadband Network in it’s evaluation of how to fix the wireless congestion problems has discovered it’s problem, and it’s a “It’s not me, it’s you” approach.

On Monday at a parliamentary hearing in Sydney the NBN’s chief executive Bill Morrow blamed us online gamers for being the major cause of the networks issues.

The ABC reported that Mr Morrow said “While people are gaming it is a high bandwidth requirement that is a steady streaming process” and as part of a fix for the problem they would introduce a fair use policy that would limit peak hour data usage to no more than 75 gigabytes in any four week period.

Now, let’s just take a step back and think about that for a minute. I’ve heard the term a “trade-men blaming his tools” but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a situation where they have blamed their actual consumer. That seems not only wrong but actually ridiculous.

So I ask, Mr Morrow and the NBN Team, did you not think of gamers as people who actually use the internet before you rolled out this plan to deliver “high speed internet” into peoples homes?

Because if not, that is a massive over-site and you have no one to blame but yourselves. It’s like they had a meeting and said “what’s the internet, oh its that place people use BookFace on and that Instant-thingy for selfies”. No it’s not, it’s used for a lot more than that.

Not only that but now that you have recognised that there is a real problem with the service you decide that the solution is to punish the people that pay a premium to use the service. How can that even be legal?

Data rationing in 2018, in a 1st world country, where we are seeing a rise in professional twitch streaming is absolutely ridiculous. I hope that if they decide to do this they lower the cost significantly, but that would be unlikely.

Oh, might be time to add a disclaimer as well…

“The NBN, suppling High Speed Internet as long as no one is using it”.

(Story originally written for The Player eSports Tournament website by Doccy Darko)

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