Mystery Care Package Unboxing – Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion is launching today, one of the first gaming titles to kick off the list of new games to come for the next generation consoles like Xbox Series X and PlayStation’s PS5.

So I get a knock on the door today and it’s a massive parcel from.. Ubisoft! Set in futuristic London, Watch Dogs: Legion features the never-before-seen gameplay innovation ‘Play as Anyone’ – a unique feature that allows players to select any character in the entire city.

From a Mi6 agent to an inconspicuous old lady, players can recruit them as a member of their resistance to rise up against its militant state.

The game also features a side mission with international rapper, Stormzy who has partnered with Ubisoft to feature in-game and to also produce the visuals for his latest music video, Rainfall

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