Morphee is Winning the Sleep Battle with Our Kids

I’ve not really been into meditation before. I like the concepts of Zen though. Some people like to go to group sessions, some enjoy using an app and others are a bit more traditional. Regardless though it is proven to improve mental health and help people find some calm in what feels at times like a crazy world. 

There’s one thing I do value and need though since becoming a parent and that is getting a good night’s sleep.

The Morphee is a sleep and relaxation machine that actually works and its point of difference is that for a tech device, it’s super low tech. There’s also a version that works for adults and the “My Little Morphee” for kids. 

Morphee & My Little Morphee

My first impressions of both versions of the machines are that they blend in with your decor, especially in a low light room. Rather than stand out with giant bright digital displays showing images of rainforests and calming scenes, these low tech devices embrace the powerful medium of audio and paint pictures inside your mind.

The Morphee device could be confused for a candle or a circular wooden box, as you lift the lid the “steampunk” design has done away with the need for buttons and touchscreens and gone with an old school tactile feel complete with turnable golden keys that allow selection of first the type of session, followed by the numbers 1 to 8 and finally whether you would like a short 8-minute session or a longer 20 minute one.  

Both devices charge through micro USB so there’s no need for batteries and you can get around 3 hours per charge.

While there are some buttons around the edges they don’t impact the overall aesthetic that the device is going for and it’s a really nice display piece with purpose. One of the buttons lets you choose between two voices, a male or female. Both are extremely well-paced and calm. 

Each of these combinations makes up over 200 session combinations allowing you to have unique experiences each time you use it to help you relax or go to sleep. 

For example, I like the female voice, then I select the sailboat image and the number 4. The calm voice comes on and says “The lake, 8-minute session” and then takes me through some focus techniques before going off into a story. There are also options for just music or even sound effects in calming environments.

The Morphee is a great tool and is the perfect gift for your “off the grid” friend as there’s no internet connection, screens or Bluetooth. It’s a great device, but it was when I tested “My Little Morphee” that my mind was blown.

How My Little Morphee Won the Bedtime Battle

I have two girls, aged 3 and nearly 2 and yes they are a beautiful handful. 

My wife and I decided to move the pair who are becoming great little buddies into the same room to help with bedtimes and allow them to bond even further. The “My Little Morphee” device arrived around the same time and I’m glad it did as it turned out to be a handy sleep aid.

The device is shaped a little differently from the adult device, it’s a larger device in earthy colours, pastel green with a wooden handle. It also has tactile keys, on the left are all different types of animals and on the right environments. The detail is superb with the speaker holes being little star shapes.

On the side of the device are the volume controls and time selection plus a headphone jack if you need it. There is one lonesome button on top of the device, the play/pause button, perfectly placed to give small hands access with no confusion. 

 After giving the girls a quick tutorial, it was their turn to take control and select an animal (the most popular is the butterfly followed closely by the lion). Next, they choose the environment, usually, space or castle is most popular for us, but this dial has seen more variation. Finally, they push play. 

The calm voice comes on and talks in a way that is more suitable to the age bracket before telling a soft and whimsical story of adventure with the creature in a faraway place. The combination of music, sounds and overall mood helped to calm the girls into the new environment very quickly and at the same time, gave them some control over their bedtime. 

If they are still a little wired from the busy day after the story, I usually take control with either soft music or an environmental sound effect session on the device that tends to tame the fight to stay awake.

Now we are in a pattern where each girl gets to take turns each night from the 192 meditative combinations.

Buy a Morphee Meditation Device Here

Morphee and My Little Morphee are great little devices that add a little calm to your sleep experience in a low tech way and in a world where everything has a screen, they really are a breath of fresh air. 

Morphee Review By Doccy Darko

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