Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review in Only 60 Seconds

Spider-man Miles Morales on PS5 (& PS4) from Insomniac Games is a spectacular follow up to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man on pS4 

The character performance is really strong and making the game about Miles rather than Peter also breaks the expectations associated with a sequel so you can enjoy this game as a wonderful stand alone piece of content.

The addition of new moves, powers and collectables changes the game in a really positive way giving more depth to the sandbox universe and cementing the hero as a street level super who is “for the people”, even more so than a Peter Parker led story. 

The use of next generation tech is shown off really well especially with the large scope of the city complete with amazing reflective surfaces and the load times are so small you blink and you’ll miss it.

It also makes great use of the Dualsense controller without relying on it as a gimmick. 

Spider-man Miles Morales is the perfect game to showcase your new PS5 to your mates. 

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