Marvel’s Avengers New Game 18-min Prologue

Square Enix’s “Marvel’s Avengers” game initial reveal earlier this year was met very mixed responses, most negative thoughts were criticial of the games poor graphics.

Fast forward to GamesCom 2019 and the company has now re-released the video of the 18-minute prologue level online with a fresh look as well as a more detailed look at the gameplay.

The official statement on their website says:

“the team has been polishing the prologue to ensure the highest quality possible and will continue to do so with the entire game until it ships on May 15, 2020.”

The costumes appear to have remained the same however the characters faces seem much more detailed.

Don’t think the changes will end there either, i’d expect a few more tweaks ahead of launch 15th of May next year..

Here I am talking with Mikey on the Random 30 Countdown across Australia

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