Mario & Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Interview – Quentin Correggi

Prior to the release of the new Mario & Rabbids: Sparks of Hope game on the Nintendo Switch, I got to take a moment to fanboy out a little bit by talking to Ubisoft’s Associate Producer on the Mario & Rabbids games.

You can tell he loves his job and playing the games you know he’s good at it. The team at Ubisoft created one of the must-own titles on the Nintendo Switch and the sequel has just dropped.

So join me as we take a glimpse behind the scenes of the process of making one of the modern era’s best Tactical action games “Mario & Rabbid’s Kingdom Battle” and the new and improved sequel “Mario and Rabbids: Sparks of Hope”. 

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Mario & Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is available now

  • Build your dream team with three heroes from an eclectic roster of nine.
  • Take down all new bosses, along with some familiar enemies throughout the galaxy.
  • Rescue the adorable Sparks throughout the galaxy, who provide distinct powers that will help you in battle.
  • Unleash your heroes’ skills but be strategic as you dash your enemies, team jump on your allies, and hide behind covers.
  • The Gold Edition of the game includes the season pass which contains upcoming DLC packs, including additional story content featuring a new character, quests, and battles. Also includes the Galactic Prestige Collection, with three exclusive and supremely stylish weapon skins for your team, unlockable right away.

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