Limited Edition “Spiked” Controller Makes Gaming a Prickly Experience

At the launch of a new game like Sonic Frontiers, you expect some merch to come along with it to highlight and create a talking point. But finally, we’ve seen a device that just has us asking the question, why?

This controller is valued at AUD$470 and is comprised of around 50 realistic (albeit blue) hedgehog spikes with customised red-and-white “shoes” on the shoulders and grips.

While they claim it is in fact “playable” it doesn’t look like the most comfortable setup. Can you imagine leaving your controller on your lap while you reach for something? You might also want to have a band-aid handy if you get into a fast-paced section of the game that requires some button mashing, one slip and you are cactus.

The legends at “Five Star Games” commissioned 30x of these in total and are making 20x available for Australian consumers to win through various giveaways, starting at high noon (AEDT) on 9 November with Turtle Beach AU’s Twitter page (@Turtlebeach_AU), and extending to EB Games’ Instagram (@EBGamesAU)

It’s not the first time we’ve seen such a unique product for a Sonic game, we all remember the furry controllers that resembled Cookie Monster and Elmo more than Sonic and Knuckles, but we loved them anyway.

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This competition will end one week after its starting dates, and the controllers are not available for purchase outside of these giveaways, making them a special and exclusive offer for Sonic fans who need need to act like the blue blur himself and get in quick!

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