Like a proud parent PUBG is all Grown Up on Xbox

Gamescom 2018 and Xbox have announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will exit the Xbox Game Preview program on September 4 to become a full product release (version 1.0).

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Fans of the game can look forward to some additions that have been on the PC version previously. 

· The Xbox One debut of the Sanhok map. Inspired by the islands across Southeast Asia, Sanhok is a 4×4 compact battleground. The map might be smaller, but the battles won’t be, with speedier games and circle dynamics that have been adjusted to bring battles to a dramatic finish more quickly. Sanhok will introduce all-new weapons and vehicles in addition to the debut of dynamic weather changes for the first time on Xbox One.

· The arrival of War Mode on Xbox One, a deathmatch-style battle royale gaming experience where players hunt each other in a static zone, respawning you back in with a parachute and weapons if you’re killed. Teams get points with kills and reviving teammates, and the team that reaches certain points in the game wins the battle. War Mode will make its hands-on debut on Xbox One at gamescom 2018 in a can’t-miss experience in the Xbox booth.

· Achievements that will carry over from Xbox Game Preview to Full Product Release.

· The introduction of in-game currency to purchase cosmetics, Event Pass: Sanhok, which will allow players to open up more missions, more levels, and tons of permanent rewards on the Sanhok map, and much more. They will share much more detail about these products, how they will work and some of the cool content you’ll be able to unlock closer to 1.0 launch.

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· The full product release of PUBG for Xbox One will be available in both digital and retail disc versions, with the retail boxed version featuring an all-new colorway of the game’s iconic key art.


If you already own PUBG on Xbox One you will receive a content update with all new content and features detailed above on September 4th in addition to the Xbox #1.0 DLC Set.

The Xbox Wireless Controller – PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Limited Edition, will also be available for pre-order beginning today and starts shipping to retailers worldwide on Oct. 30. Drop into battle and survive the ultimate life and death fight with an exclusive design featuring a distressed black digital camo print and new and exclusive trigger grips to help you stay on target in the final circle. The controller will ship with exclusive DLC themed on the controller design.


Xbox say “Thank you to the passionate Xbox community for coming with us on this journey. We’re so excited to take this next step with Xbox fans next month, and look forward to many more battles to come. For fans at gamescom this week, be sure to swing by the Xbox booth to get hands on with War Mode on Xbox One exclusively for the first time and experience a variety of themed PUBG swag and activities”.

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