Life Just Got Smarter with Google’s Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 Phone

Google just dropped the new Pixel 7 details as well as their first-ever Pixel Smart Watch and it’s a gamechanger.

The new smartphones to the Google Pixel range are the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 pro which for the most part look similar to last years models but with some significant upgrades to the camera features, a nicer screen and extended battery life. The processor is also updated for a smarter, faster experience.

Google has said that the new screen on the Pixel 7 is 25% brighter giving better visibility in various applications like outdoors, and the new colour range of obsidian, snow and lemongrass should look great underneath that phone case you’ll need to buy to protect your purchase.

The Pixel 7 Pro has a nice matte aluminium finish with always on display, a larger longer lasting battery and a massive upgrade to the cameras. There’s a triple rear camera setup that includes a 5x telephoto lens, 30x super-resolution zoom and a new ultrawide lens upgrade with autofocus. So now the camera supports a stronger Macro Focus to pick up small details.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Both the new Pixel 7 phones run with the upgraded G2 processor, which has sped things up quite a bit. For Example they say the Night Sight feature processes twice as quick. 

The other new feature to look out for is “Cinematic Blur” to great beautiful dramatic video content, basically doing what “portrait mode” did for photos.


Google Pixel watch

The company also spoke of a new Google Pixel Tablet on the way but its the launch of the new Pixel Watch that has us all excited.

Since Google’s acquisition of FitBit last year we’ve wondered how long it would take to assimilate that technology into a pure Google device and it’s here, and worth it.

This new 40mm Google Pixel Watch features a circular design face not dissimilar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 & 5. However it does seem to have more of a dome shape to it’s gorilla glass design and boasts water resistance and around 24 hours of battery life. 

It uses the tracking and heart rate and sleep technology from FitBit and is said to have AI that learns user behaviour the more you use it.


Google Pixel phones tend to be the best value for features and price with the Pixel 7 starting under $1000 in Australia, and the Pixel Pro being a more expensive choice at $1299. The new Pixel Watch is said to start at $549 for the Bluetooth/Wifi model, while the 4G/LTE version is up at the $649 price range. Pre orders are available now and all items are available from October 13 so it’s a really quick turn around from announcement to take home.

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