Mind-Blowing Australian Made KRUNKER Debuts 2021 Pro League

Australian developed KRUNKER announces its next KRUNKER PRO LEAGUE as players get their chance at $10,000 in cash and prizes. The Season started on the 5th of December on TWITCH

If you haven’t seen this game yet, it is a brilliant web browser-based shooter that is fully multiplayer and brilliantly designed with an unassuming “Minecraft” block graphics style. Don’t let the looks deceive you though, this is a fast-paced shooter, allowing solo or team-based competitive action. This is all achieved from a browser or desktop. So you can play on any machine, anytime, anywhere. Don’t let the bosses at work catch you though! They might want to join in.

Exceedingly accessible, anyone can play just by clicking on the Krunker.io website.

Watch Krunker Here

The basics are simple to grasp while boasting deep layers of play, the game attracts over 7 Million monthly active players and over 150 Million registered users!

The league is operated by a professional esports agency, Events Engine. League commissioner Hayden Shiels, himself a veteran of pro-first-person shooter esports, said:

“KRUNKER has an amazing community which we’ve discovered over two previous league seasons, streamed to over 5,000 viewers each event. We’re excited to bring this game more well deserved attention.”

Krunker developer Yendis Entertainment is backing league play for Krunker with generous in-game prizes and the broadcast will feature directly on the Krunker homepage.

Supporting the tournament series is world-leading gaming brand CORSAIR, and Australia’s largest PC retailer, MWAVE

Each will boost the prize pool for both viewers and players.

End of Season finals teams will win a massive CORSAIR & Mwave prize pack for each team member.

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