First Look: Kingdom Hearts IV Officially Announced

The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event was held in Tokyo over the weekend and Disney and Square Enix used the opportunity to announce a brand new addition to the series.

“Kingdom Hearts IV” will mark the beginning of an epic new storyline which will be known as the ‘Lost Master Arc’. Watch the trailer included in this wrap-up video to see how far the game has come.

In the trailer, players are introduced to the expansive city of Quadratum unlike anything seen in the franchise before. 

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a Kingdom Hearts game without the return of Sora’s Disney companions Donald and Goofy who we see in the final moments of the trailer and will now be joined by a mysterious new character “Strelitzia”.

Square Enix has also announced a mobile spin-off “Kingdom Hearts Missing Link” which is an all-new game for iOS and Android devices. Players will be able to engage in exhilarating battles against the Heartless and discover a new, original story. A closed beta test is planned for 2022. KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Anniversary Trailer tivlrT6TSHA 1080p 1649604933257.00 03 07 19.Still001
Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

Kingdom Hearts is a crossover game between Disney and Square Enix that is part of its own universe and was originally released in 2002 for the Playstation 2. After that, it spawned many sequels and spinoffs across multiple platforms and has shipped more than 35 million copies worldwide. Because of its strong lore and the fantastical world, it has spawned merchandise including figurines, collectable cards, soundtracks and even multiple stories based on the franchise.

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