Is the ASUS FX505G Gaming Laptop Really as TUF as They Say?

The Asus TUF Gaming FX505G is a game changer in the way its a gaming laptop that packs a big punch at a more affordable price.

The design of the case lives up to its name, it’s TUF! It looks like something you’d be taking into battle with sharp contoured designs and some nice indented slits in the top to make an X shape all pointing to the creators brand ASUS.

At a first glance at the specs you’ll see a 15.6 FHD WV LCD Display which really pops out of you with colour that is bright and vibrant. You’ll also notice that it’s anti-glare is top notch. I had it set up next to my iMAC on my desk and no everytime I use the iMAc I can’t help but notice every reflection on the shiny screen. So annoying. The bezel of the screen is the “nanoedge” so it’s only something like 6.5mm which helps alot with letting you be immersed in the action of the game.

Imaging you are playing wearing glasses.. Now imagine you’ve just had laser eye surgery and there’s no more square around your vision. That’s pretty much it.

The CPU is an impressive intel I7-8750H/BGA and there 16gb of DDR4 Ram as well as 6gb of VRAM. The graphic card in the 505G is an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 with 6gb of GDDR5 VRAM.

A Gaming Laptop Should Have Room For More Games

You don’t want to have to keep uninstalling games and reinstalling them and you’ll want them to run fast so it’s good to see a 128gb PCIE for your Windows 10 operating system  and a 1 TB54R Solid State for games and storage.

USB Slots are plentiful with 2 USB 3.0’s and a USB 2.0 slot. It’s also got a nicely placed HDMI slot, audio jack and LAN. The webcam is only a 720p but to be fair no-one wants a super HD pic of my ugly mug while they are gaming.


Once again I’m impressed with the keyboard layout of these machines. They are really well built. The arrow keys are set just below the numeric pad and the shift, space and control keys are extra large. The WASD keys are slightly more highlighted in a standard lighting mode which gives emphasis but doesn’t distract from the overall aesthetic.

The touch pad is perfectly placed and has a really nice feel to it. It doesn’t just feel like a bit of plastic, instead having definite and deliberate touch points that actually click.

As far as playing actual games on it, I started with Crackdown 3 through the Xbox Live app and it ran at full specs with no dramas at all. I remember thinking it was different game to the one I’d played on Xbox One as the smaller screen and vibrant sharp colouring gave it a completely different style making it much more appealing.

gaming laptop

Next was Forza Horizon 4 that averaged at around 58fps, and once again took advantage of the nice screen and superior graphics card.

Fortnite can run on the smell of an oily rag so you can imagine the test went well and Apex Legends also ran with zero issues.

If you are keen to get into gaming on PC and want something portable that doubles as a tough looking work computer then this is the one to go for. TUF (The Ultimate Force) is a force to be reckoned with. They build these things to withstand bumps and knocks and have protection from temperature and even solar radiation. It’s a Military grade computer built for a gamer which is as crazy as it is awesome.

I’ve always been a big fan of the ASUS ROG Systems and although the comparison is really difficult after using the TUF I’m convinced that this is a better system for me. It just felt right, It’s robust enough to handle me travelling around with it and you can get them at a really reasonable price coming in well under $2000 at most places.

It’s TUF through and through!

Check out an affordable option in the TUF range on Amazon here:

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