Is Grand Theft Auto Coming to Netflix Cloud Gaming?

The “Grand Theft Auto” franchise could be making it’s way to Netflix, but not as a show, instead it would be part of the streaming giants bold step into the cloud gaming arena. “Bold” as they’d be going up against giants like Xbox and Nvidia, so it makes sense to have a plan with something AAA big.

The service is currently testing in the U.S., following limited trials in Canada and the UK and allows members to play games on their smart TVs and TV-connected devices, using their mobile phones as controllers. This is certainly an area that will need to be explored more as any attempt to use phones as controllers (outside of titles like the Jack Box series and Just Dance) has been a nightmare to say the least.

There are also plans to release mobile games based on its high-profile franchises, including “Squid Game” and “Wednesday” in the coming months with discussions underway for games inspired by Chris Hemsworth’s “Extraction” films and the Sci-Fi anthology series “Black Mirror.”

Games based on Vikings and Love is Blind are already performing well

But the “big thing” could be that in a recent Wall Street Journal report, it was revealed that Netflix is currently in talks to add Rockstar’s legendary “Grand Theft Auto” series to its gaming platform. While the specific title remains undisclosed, speculation is rife that it could be and ideal launch platform for the highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto 6”.

Netflix’s expansion into the gaming world marks an exciting chapter for subscribers and the competition will be great for the market, hopefully it can perform better than the lackluster Google Stadia attempt from a few years ago.

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