I just broke up with Apple, it was hard.

I’ve got a confession to make, I’ve just ended a 13 year relationship, but it’s ok, I’ve got a new one.

Swapping mobile brand ecosystems is no easy task, in some respects it feels like a breakup. I recently ended my 13 fan-boy relationship with Apple by getting a Samsung S20 Ultra. Part of me just wanted a change, another wanted a phone with all the latest specs and then there was part of me that just was sick of being tied to one product. 

I mean don’t get me wrong, I will never go back on my constant praise of Apple for creating amazing products that “just work”. Because they do. Every product in the range is built to do exactly what it says it will do with very minimal fuss. But I needed a little chaos, and I got it in spades. 

The Samsung S20 Ultra is not my first Android phone, that honor goes to the ROG phone 2 which was really the catalyst for me changing over to the dark side. But it is my first full conversion since I originally changed from Nokia to Apple all those years ago. 

The Ultra is a big phone, make no mistake. I was still on the iPhone 7 Plus, which is also one of the bigger phones in apples range, this new phone however is longer and a tad thinner, so it does make it easier to fit into your pocket, which is a feature I feel phone manufacturer had started to forget over the years and probably why there is a recent resurge in “”flip” style phone we’ve seen in recent months.

The main reason I chose Samsung over the many options in the Android phone range is the cameras. I mean this phone is a high end camera that can make phone calls. It’s great. This isn’t a phone review by the way, it’s a chat about moving ecosystems.

Once you are done away with your main device you have a whole bunch of decisions to make. I should point out at this stage that last year I decided to go back to pc after many years of using a mac. I just wanted more power at a more affordable price and I guess that is the same across the board. Apple was just getting too expensive and giving me too little. 

The next big decision I had to make was my watch. Suddenly the very expensive Apple watch that was on my wrist and had been a faithful companion for my recent fitness journey with F45 was rendered absolutely useless. To use the gadget you need to have it linked to an apple phone or ipad or something to give it updates and to download the data, as a stand alone product you are left wanting.

Choice in watches was insane, I had to start researching as changing watch was never an option for me, the Apple Watch was the best in the smartwatch range and most reviewers agree. The new watch I settled on was a compromise of price, style and functionality. I could have gone to the Garmin or Samsung watch range the later would link nicely with my new phone but the cost on those products was just too high considering what I’d just spent on a phone, mortgage and with a new baby on the way. 

I went with the Mobvoi TicWatch E2. It’s a mid range watch, waterproof and does the job really well. For a third of the price of an Apple Watch.

Some subscriptions I decided to keep. Some Apple apps are available on Android like Apple Music which is still the better choice in my opinion. I can’t stand Spotify. 

The Apple TV was also a hard one, although it is fairly stand alone. The big concern was I’ve bought so many movies and shows over the years in iTunes. It would be like starting over again to go to Google Play. So the TV box stays. 

That was the thing that made me realise, you can’t ever really get away from the ecosystem at all.  I’m sure over time as more of my tech gets replaced by newer tech I’ll be a few steps closer. But the reality is why would I want to be in one camp or the other. The real trick is being able to balance the complete spectrum and pick and choose which elements benefit you from each brand.

It would be great if Apple did a better job of this, I’d still have the watch if I could use it with the Android phone, which would in turn keep me spending in other areas as well. But they want all the users all of the time and I get that. 

Android does a much better job of giving you consumer choices. I want a phone that does a certain thing, so I go with this brand phone, rather than that one. There are also more price points so all people of all different means can access technology. Don’t even get me started on the customisations you can do. 

It’s just a more adaptable technology and in the end isn’t that what the world should be striving for, more access to great tech for every human being. 

Plus it’s all good, my wife still uses Apple.. So you can never really leave!

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