How to Use Wireless Headphones with your PS5

I recently got a fairly pricey pair of flagship Wireless headphones, But does PS5 compatibility pretty much make them redundant now?

The big questions with Next Generation consoles are usually around performance, power and then somewhere down the list “backwards compatibility’. 

While the PS5 ticks a lot of those boxes but it’s still a little sketchy on what accessories might not be compatible. 

This can be really frustrating especially if you’ve just forked out a huge sum on a pair of quality 3rd party headphones to capture the best and most immersive sound while you are gaming. I should point out that most headphones will just plug into the controller to deliver sound, but this particular pair don’t have an audio cable.

So What Wireless Headphones Am I Using?

That was the concern I had with my EPSO Sennheiser GSP 670 wireless headphones. They deliver the best performance in games like Call of Duty where you really want to hear all of the action around you and of a really good build quality that was compatible with PC and PS4, one of the reasons that attracted me to them, 

gsp670 wireless headphones

So did the PS5 basically render this purchase completely redundant?

Thankfully no, the Headset connects to your PS5 via the USB dongle that is supplied in the box when you buy them. Now you can connect these via Bluetooth to a lot of products, but you will need the dongle for the PS5. 

Thankfully… I found it in my super messy drawer

And for the record, the sound on games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and even God Fall is breathtaking.

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