How to Upgrade Your PS5 Console Cover

Sony has finally released the official PS5 Console Covers for your PlayStation and they look really impressive.

The system comes with the standard white colour so upgrading to a “universe” themed colour to give it that unique touch seems like a fun idea. It’s actually much easier to do than I thought it would be and the final result is a really pro looking device that could either blend in well with its surroundings or do the opposite and stand out as a feature. It’s all up to how you want to implement it.

These official console covers are really wonderfully shaped with moulded plastic. They feel tough and look great. I was really happy that the cosmic red wasn’t a fully bright solid red and is instead a slightly deeper tone with a hint of dark pink through it for texture.

As I say in the video I would always choose to go with the official PlayStation licenced cover, not a cheap knockoff, don’t 3d print it yourself and do not buy one from that bloke named Gary on the street corner with a box that clearly says SlayStation.

My experience is always go for official licenced products. I used to run a Game store and my experience is unofficial 3rd party crap is… well.. crap.. and would be faulty like 80% of the time, I spent a lot of time reboxing controllers and memory cards to send back trying to get refunds. 

Plus there’s your console warranty to think about. 

PS5 Console Cover
Lets Change the PS5 Console Cover

You can watch the video above or read on.

Remove any discs that might be in the drive if you have that version of the console. If you have the digital-only version, that’s one less step for you.

Now unplug everything… It’s might seem like a no-brainer.. But lets do it anyway just to be safe.

Remember to remove it from the stand if you have it attached. Some people choose not to use it, but if you are it will need to be removed first.

Now sit it on a flat surface.

Start at the top, it’s the one with the PlayStation logo etched into it. You’ll need to grab the corner where the logo is and lift slightly and slide it towards the back/bottom of the console and it should come loose. This can happen quickly so be prepared so you are not throwing your console or cover across the room.

Now it’s just a matter of grabbing your new top and sliding it on. You’ll see the notches on the bottom will only go one way so feel the notches go in and then it finish with a click.

Now, let’s flip it over and do the bottom.

The trick here is to have the power button facing you and gripping the cover pulling it up towards you to the right. It should pop and lift away. 

Then grab your new bottom piece and slide it on looking for that click sound to know it’s secure.

There you go, you now have a brand new colour that is more unique to you. 

You can mix and match the covers if you want to go for a dual-tone look as well, imagine you were an Aussie Rules Demons supporter like me, you could go with Red and blue to have your footy team covers. 

I’m definitely going to go and get a matching Dualsense controller or it’s going to drive my OCD need for matchy-matchy crazy. 

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