How to GoPro with the Creators Edition

When GoPro Hero 10 was released I knew straight away it was a gamechanger in the action cam universe. The addition of a significantly improved chip speed and the upgrade to 5k video with its groundbreaking technological breakthroughs like Hypersmooth 4.0 the camera has become the benchmark in its class and an unremovable addition to my own filming kit bag. 

The only downside was that the battery life although improved on the previous model still ran out very quickly and when inside the media mod was a pain in the ass to swap out. 

Thankfully the team at GoPro are always innovating and discovered a way to improve battery longevity and supply everything you need to create content on the go with this GoPro Hero 10 Black Creator Edition. 

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Before I go into depth as to what is included in the GoPro Hero10 Creators Edition, it’s important to point out that each of these items is available individually, so if there is a mod you don’t feel like you would use or you already own a GoPro Hero 10 you can just get the accessory you want individually.

GoPro Hero 10 Creators Edition

This really is the complete package including GoPro Hero 10 and every accessory you need to start creating quality content from anywhere at all.

The Media Mod on the GoPro is a must-own accessory that snaps around your GoPro and adds the bonus of a significantly improved shotgun microphone, two cold shoe mounts, USB C connection and audio input. This mod is the one-stop connection device that brings it all together. I generally prefer to use my Sennheiser MKE200 Directional Microphone when using the mod, but the mic built into the device is a grand step up from the in-camera mic and is great in nearly all conditions. Being able to choose the direction of your audio to come from in front of the camera, behind it or both allow you the option of adding a live commentary track to the action you’re filming or blocking it out.

The Hero 10 is Not only Faster, but is Improved in Nearly Every Way
Light Up the Room with the Light Mod

The Light Mod is a very small device and proof that looks can be deceiving. Most action cams struggle with low light and although the GoPro10 is improved on previous models it’s still not perfect in low light, leaving you with a somewhat grainy image. Having a light mod will improve your picture and is also great for providing front-on light to a subject that is being lit from the back. Keep in mind that this mod is charged separately to the other devices and has its own power button which can also be used to adjust the level of brightness and a diffuser is included in the box.

The light Mod is small and powerful
Volta Gives You the Energy to Create

Volta might sound like the indoor soccer league in Fifa but it’s actually a brand new multipurpose device that is essentially a tripod/handle with a built-in battery pack. It’s that feature that changes the way you use your GoPro Hero 10 completely. 

The battery pack promises the use of the device shooting in 4k 30fps for around 4 hours meaning you could pack it in your bag and barely need to charge anything on your next adventure. This was the main reason I wanted one of these but it’s the Volta’s other features that surprised me just as much.

The stick includes all the immediately necessary buttons to operate the action cam and is efficiently placed so that you can operate the device with one hand easily. I’ve been on shoots where I’ve had a GoPro in each hand in order to get two different angles of a speaker and a crowd response and being able to have access to all the controls one-handed is a really great feature. 

I really like how the cold shoe mounts fit into the device. The top one is adjustable to twist around allowing you to face the camera forward or back towards you and still give you great access to the controls while a second cold shoe is hidden on the side and released by a button. 

You can also detach the grip and use it as a GoPro remote control from up to 98 ft away giving you more power over your options while producing content.

The Creator Edition is a One-Stop Solution

As a creator of content having all of the devices that I might need already included in one pack is massive. A Youtuber would have no issues making a great video with everything that’s included and it would be of super high quality that is at times cinematic. The extended battery life through the Volta is a game-changer and the fact that it’s not just a battery pack hanging off the device and is instead an integrated and multipurpose device of its own makes your set-up compact and professional.  

GoPro Hero 10 retails at around $531.95 via the official Site when you get the GoPro subscription which is good value (a saving of $300 on the initial purchase), especially when considering how much it does and how easily it all packs into a bag.

What if I already have a GoPro?

If you already have a GoPro Hero 10 you can get the accessories individually for around $199.95 for the Volta, $84.95 for the Light Mod and $129.95 for the media mod which works with both the 9 and 10 models. 

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