Say Goodbye to Motion Sickness: How PlayStation VR2 is Changing the Game.

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming has just taken a huge leap forward with the launch of the PlayStation VR2. With its cutting-edge performance and revolutionary technology, gamers can expect heightened sensory and emotional experiences that feel, look, and sound truly real.

Playstation VR2 Display

The 4K HDR display of the PlayStation VR2 is a feast for the eyes, delivering breathtaking virtual reality environments with superior quality. The two 2000 x 2040 OLED displays generate over four times the resolution of the original PlayStation VR headset, ensuring a comfortably smooth visual experience at up to 120fps. Having poor lenses can play with your motion sickness, so there’s really no risk of that here with high quality components delivering brilliant resolutions.

The headset also features inside-out tracking through four cameras embedded in it, freeing players to experience different VR play styles without the need for an external camera. Players can move and interact with the game world and other players with unprecedented freedom, allowing them to fully express themselves and communicate with others in online multiplayer in exciting new ways.

PSVR2 Eye Tracking

One of the most exciting features of the PlayStation VR2 is its eye tracking technology, which detects when your eyes are open, tracks their movements, and conveys the emotions they convey to in-game situations. Eye tracking also follows your line of sight when aiming or looking around, and advanced foveated rendering techniques improve the visual experience by adjusting resolutions to pinpoint and enhance whatever you’re focusing on. One of the launch titles is using these features already, the game Switchback has creatures that only move towards you when you blink, scary stuff.

PSVR2 Great Feedback

The headset feedback of the PlayStation VR2 adds an intelligent tactile element to the sensory immersion experienced during gameplay. Players can feel subtle, responsive headset vibrations at key moments, such as their character’s elevated pulse during tense moments, the whoosh of objects passing close to their head, or the thrust of their vehicle as they speed forward. Thankfully its not powerful enough to knock you out if you are in a virtual fist fight, its beautifully subtle and will get lots of use as game developers discover new ways to implament it. 

The haptic feedback of the PlayStation VR2 delivers realistic, detailed responses to in-game actions, with different sensations in the game world delivered to your hands. Players can sense how it feels to fire or strike with different weapons and experience varying levels of force and tension as they interact with their in-game gear and environments.

Adaptive triggers physically connect players to their on-screen actions, allowing them to experience varying levels of force and tension as they interact with their in-game gear and environments. Players can feel the increasingly tight tension of pulling back a bowstring, the crushing sensation of objects in their hands, or the jamming of a weapon in the heat of combat.

PSVR2 is in Control

These PlayStation VR2 Sense controller’s well-balanced and ergonomic design allows players to focus on comfortably exploring the world they’re in, with finger touch detection allowing them to motion and interact with items and environments naturally and intuitively. Players can perform dexterous tasks with their fingers, interact with in-game objects and equipment around

The traditional analog sticks features action buttons with the Triangle, Square, Cross, and Circle buttons split across the two controllers, along with an Options button and a Create button. Both controllers also feature a grip button to grab in-game objects, providing players with extra input and interaction options. Although these look very much “Playstation” the overall design is inline with a sort of unoffical standard for VR controllers which should make it easier to port other titles to the PSVR2. 

IMPORTANT: The box only comes with ONE charging cable for the TWO controllers so you will need to buy an extra PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller Charging Station.

The official one might be hard to get a hold of as stocks are low. So you might want to look at others that change charge all 3 devices.

PSVR2 unmatched Sound

The Tempest 3D AudioTech of the PlayStation VR2 allows players to pinpoint where noises are coming from, enhancing the realism of the soundscapes experienced during gameplay. Players can sense a character’s presence as they whisper in their ear, locate friends and enemies by their gunfire or footfall, and experience the creeping dread of a threat approaching from any direction. These earbuds have extrodianry compfort and sound and you can also use a Pulse headset which neatly fits over the top of your VR headwear.

A different point of view of the PSVR2

Players can enjoy comfortable play sessions with the PlayStation VR2’s vast 110º field of view and a light, well-balanced Fresnel lens. The lens adjustment dial allows players to customize the spacing between lenses to match their eye position for an optimal on-screen image. During the setup process the system will discover your optimal position.

Speaking of, The PlayStation VR2 is also quick and easy to set up, with a simple one-cable connection to the PlayStation 5 console’s front USB port. Players can set their play area to enjoy the best gaming experience possible, with freedom of movement through Roomscaled play or playing while seated or standing.

At the End of the Day

PlayStation VR2 is setting a new benchmark in mass consumer Virtual Reality by being quick and easy to set up and having unmatched graphic capability in its class. Whether you prefer Roomscale or playing while seated or standing, this technology will bring heightened sensory and emotional experiences through it’s amazing use of haptics. Don’t miss out on the exciting new ways to fully express yourself and communicate with others in online multiplayer experiences.

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