How Much Do You Know About Rocket League?

Rocket League is a football (Soccer) video game that is played using cars.  The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015 and since has become available on all consoles including a recent release on the Nintendo Switch.

The game can be played by one to four players assigned to each of the two teams. You then use rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into your opponent’s goal to score.

Later updates for the game enabled the ability to modify core rules and added new game modes based on ice hockey and basketball.

Rocket League became an officially sponsored eSport in 2015 where Major League Gaming (MLG) announced the first season of the Pro Rocket League held in September of that year.

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  1. Learn to use your handbrake – It’s there for a reason, just like boosting and jumping, so be sure to master the use of this tool to get an advantage
  2. Don’t chase the ball – You are going to want to, but think about what position you are in, should you drop and defend or wait for the rebound?
  3. Pass over shoot – Rocket League is a Football game at it’s core, and Football is a game of possession and passing.
  4. Conserve your boost – It’s a limited resource, instead use this technique. Hold forward and double press jump, do this a few times and you’ll reach your destination as quickly as a boost, it’s just harder to manoeuvre (it saves boosting though).
  5. Defence is the best form of attack – If you are lost to where you should be, get back and defend. You team won’t mind the extra help stopping goals rather than getting lost up front. A good save should be applauded as much as a goal!



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