How to play Rocket League at School

Esports High School League has started in Queensland through XP Esports and due to its success is expected to expand to the rest of Australia with future seasons.

Currently, they are playing Rocket League, a major Esports title that is basically Soccer with Cars. 

The tournament takes place on Mondays and is streamed on Twitch.

Tenielle works full-time engaging high schools, supporting teachers and students whilst they develop and implement esports into the classroom.

Alongside her team, she develops programs, facilitates tournaments and connects students from rural and metro areas through gaming and personal-development workshops. 

A passionate video gamer herself, Tenielle’s aim is to educate and expose Australians to the exciting and growing industry.

“It’s important that people realise Esports is not just about the pro-players, but also the plethora of job roles and opportunities that have enabled the industry to grow and- in recent years- prosper.”

We caught up with Tenielle to talk about her role and how the growing industry is supported by parents and teachers as well as the students who participate.

Watch the video interview above or listen to the podcast version here:

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