Hellblade Makes the Switch in Style

It was a surprise to see “Hellblade – Senua’s Sacrifice” on the list of upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch but the game actually suits the various styles of play on the device.

The game is a dark fantasy action adventure game that was released for PS4, Xbox and PC in 2017 to critical acclaim and multiple awards.

Nintendo continue to bring old games back to life with ports to their system and if you’ve never played some of them before it’s a great new experience. If you have.. not so much.

I’m always surprised at how they manage to port these games to the Nintendo Switch, on paper the system is not all that powerful but when you see the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein on the system you start to think that anything is possible. Hellblade is no different in this regard the eye popping visuals are a pleasure to experience on the small handheld screen and even when the system is docked. There are a few bugs here and there but overall the game plays great.

What really sets this apart from other titles is the fantastic narrative. The journey Senua goes on to avenge her lover is extremely surreal. The dream like state will have you questioning what is real along the way and it’s that style that won it multiple awards.

The gameplay is really polished with some powerful combat mechanics especially with swordplay, the motion capture has managed to really create a lifelike impression that goes a long way to immerse you into the story.

Well played to the team who managed to port this to the Switch without it feeling like a budget version of the game. Instead it’s a full and immersive AAA title with a breath of new life almost 2 years after it’s initial release. It’s also a great benchmark for what the system is capable of that developers should pay close attention to. New and unique content is waiting to be created for the Nintendo Switch and I can only hope that the ever growing partnership with Microsoft will help with that.

Finally if you already played this on another system there probably isn’t much new for you here, but if you missed it’s initial release I’d urge you to grab the Switch version and enjoy one of the great stories of the last few years.

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