GreedFall – Review

In GreedFall you shape the story from character creation to conclusion, carving your path through impactful decisions and your choices in talents, skills and attributes.

This is exactly what you are looking for in an action RPG title if you are a fan of powerhouse games like “The Witcher”. 

As you set sail for the mysterious fictional uncharted island of “Teer Fradee” you’ll find yourself in a very immersive experience than will span 60 hours or more of gameplay. 

The island backdrop is the most beautiful part of the game while some of the elements feel like old technology the island environment itself is vibrant and alive.

Voice acting throughout the story is superb, and it seems like the strange accent that the magic infused locals have was created specifically for the game. A bold choice that comes off in spades.

One of the hardest things to get right in an RPG title is the combat and Greedfall has taken inspiration from the great games in this genre and really tweaked it for best performance. They’ve created a fun combat mechanic amazing animated visuals that show you plenty of detail. Magic certainly feels more powerful than the traditional gunplay but use in combination serves your character well in battle. The use of a tactical pause option lets you really hone those skills in the middle of combat.

Greedfall has all the best elements of a classic RPG with a unique and bold story that will captivate you for hours. The loot system is well designed as is crafting and combat making fill the hole in the market for a great action RPG that has been left wide open since the last “Witcher” or even “Dragon Age”. At times it feels like it was designed by Bioware when they were at thier peak. The Developers “Spiders” have learnt from some of the failings from previous titles like “The Technomancer” and developed not just a game but a potential franchise. 

GreedFall is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Steam for PC.

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