Google Joins the Console War

There’s been a shift in thought in the last few years to do away with the regular console model and move to a cloud based gaming platform. We know Xbox are working on it and Playstation have had some success with older games on a stream.

Google seem to be the first cab off the rank in this field at least as far as a fully dedicated streaming service goes. They announced this week that they will be launching the STADIA controller where you will be able to play games in 4K/60fps and be able to access your games at any time on virtually any screen.

But how is that possible? Well, the platform will use Google’s massive cloud-server infrastructure with powerful hardware stacks combining server class GPU, CPU, memory and storage and to make sure they can compete with the big guns like Sony and Microsoft they are giving developers access to nearly unlimited resources to create the titles they’ve always wanted to.

The Stadia controller IS the console and has a direct connection to Google through Wi-Fi. Like other controllers it will include a button for instant capture, saving and sharing gameplay in up to 4k, and also is equipped with a Google Assistant button and built-in microphone.

Stadia will launch later this year in the US, UK, Europe, and Canada.

There is currently no release date for Australia but word on the street is you’ll need a 25mbs connection to play the games so don’t expect it to be available here straight away, especially with the disappointing rollout of the NBN.

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