God of War – Byte Sized Review

God of War games have always been fun but never really full of depth of character like the new “God of War” for PS4. Kratos as a character was always a cool warrior but a bit simple, to see him evolve into a father figure and complex monster was a welcome change that has reinvigorated the franchise.

One of the most welcome surprises is that Kratos is now voiced by Stargate SG-1’s Christopher Judge who played Teal’c in the scifi series. His deep powerful voice brings a godliness to the character and at the same time adds warmth and passion.

The villains feel more like fleshed out motivated characters as well, which is a vast different to what once once more of an “end of level boss” now has evolved into a character you are interested in and care about in a love to hate way. The way you learn to extinguish each foe is more that hack and slash and involves thought and tactics. Which weapon will do damage and which one will do you no favours at all against a towering inferno beast or ice monster.

There are plenty of “WOW” moments in the game, one of them is first time you use your Leviathan Axe and recall it. Seriously it will blow your mind and using this in a combination will give you so much satisfaction.

The world feels massive like never before see in a GOW title, it’s rich environment is full of secrets and lore. It feels dense and immersive and graphically stunning.

Interestingly the game is shot in one continuous camera angle where you always see the action from Kratos’ point of view.

God of War 4 cover

This is just brilliantly executed and provides a truly cinematic feel to the game.  God of War is a brilliant mix of story, action, exploration and puzzles that deserves a 5 out 5

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