God of War Director Reacts to Reviews

God of War was released this week and the response was outstanding.

In the best kind of way the director of God of War, Cory Barlog has recorded a reaction video to the critic response of his game.

As you would know it takes a lot of people working a heap of hours and trusting their creative vision to create any game, and a game of this scale would be an emotional rollercoaster.

To see this reaction from one of the lead creators is a behind the scenes experience that we as gamers rarely see.

It’s so easy for us to sit back and say, “this bit was shit” and “that bit is crap” but to see such a positive reaction to a brilliantly made game is just so good.

I love when he say’s “well we didn’t F&%k it up”

Congratulations Cory Barlog to you and your team God of War is one of the best games to come out so far this year and is a real contender for the Game of the Year already.

To read my Byte Sized Review of the game follow the link God of War Review

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