Game Review: Educating Kids Through Play with Math Wizard

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a crazy year going in and out of lockdowns as we deal with a global pandemic has not been easy on us or our families.

Some parents have been concerned that the unstable school year may have had an effect on their kids learning development. While the schools have done a fantastic job with Zoom classrooms and other forms of remote learning, parents wanting to do that bit extra are turning to STEM based learning to provide tutoring that is both educational and fun.

We’ve reviewed a few OSMO products over the years and the latest serie has just been released which targets maths based learning using an iPad or Fire tablet with add ons that give you real world touch, feel and movement in a virtual learning environment.

magic math

The Maths Wizard series has launched with two new games focusing on different areas. It’s important to note that neither of these titles come with the OSMO bases which you’ll need to play it and can be purchased separately or in one of the starter kits that I’ve reviewed previously.

The first to mention is Magical Workshop, which is an addition and subtraction game. It feels like a wizardly adventure which should be a hit with any kids who are a fan of the Harry Potter series. As you brew potions with the various ingredients like “Sparkle Dust” you’ll need to get the right amount by using Maths. Other games on this app include counting balloons that are helping the dragons to fly.

In the box you get 4 games and most of the things you’ll need to play, the mixing mat, some sticker sheets and a spell book with 28 counting cubes and 6 counting rods.

Playing the Magical Workshop you get a real sense of how it would be great for kids in years 1 or 2 doing Addition, Subtraction, Counting and number comparisons. It’s a lot of fun and all-around a topic that really resonates with kids that age.

dragons math

The second box is Secrets of the Dragons and was easily my favourite of the two. Set in the same magical world but with more focus on the super cute and friendly Dragons. You explore a Dragon reserve and discover new species where you will need to feed them based on their size. So this focuses on measurements. How to use a ruler to measure, tips on estimating length, using non-standard units, and adding lengths together.

It comes with a Dragon guidebook, a couple of rulers, and over 60 food tokens to use for your app based dragons.

Part of the charm of these products is the characters you meet in the story-based learning. They are the guide for the kids playing the games and help them if they are struggling on a section without doing it for them but keeping the kids positive about it. It’s a fantastic combination of cartoons, gaming, and education.

These apps are compatible with a large list of tablets from the iPad and Fire family of devices:

COMPATIBILITY FOR IPAD & FIRE TABLET: All iPads except Generation 1, 2, 3, iPad Mini 1, iPad Air 4, iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch. The minimum iOS version needed is iOS 10. Fire Tablets: 7th Generation Fire HD10, 8th Generation Fire HD 8, 9th Generation Fire 7, 9th Generation Fire HD 10. Currently not compatible with the new Fire HD8 launched May 2020.

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