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Roller Champions is Finally Here

Ubisoft just dropped a free sports game that looks epic. Roller Champions is a PvP sports game where you compete against each other in teams of three on roller skates, to be the first to reach five points by making arena laps and throwing the ball through the hoop. 

Teammates must work together, dodge, and tackle efficiently to keep ball possession and control the game’s pace. 

Claiming victory over opponents is the key to gaining fans and climbing up the leaderboards, all the way to the Elite Champions’ league! 

Along the way, cosmetic items– outfits, goal effects, air poses and much more – can be unlocked for players to fully customise their legendary athlete.

This could be the next big Multiplayer title to rival games like Rocket-League as Roller Champions can be played with friends, or alone against similarly skilled opponents with the game’s cross-play matchmaking system. 

Profiles and progression are kept across all available platforms with the cross-progression system. Between matches, the skatepark allows players to meet up, learn new tricks and participate in mini-games together. 

Watch the Worldwide Cinematic Trailer for Roller Champions

And thanks to the Friend Referral program, inviting friends to Roller Champions unlocks rewards for both you and the person you bring along to the party.

Kickoff Season is now live. Running from May 25th to June 21st, 2022, it introduces 3 arenas and two special time-limited game modes.

Exclusive cosmetic items can be unlocked with the Roller Pass, a reward system split between a free and a premium track.

This season, Roller Pass purchasers will be able to unlock 41 rewards by playing matches, while players choosing the free track will still be rewarded with 11 items only available until June 21st.

RC Screenshot 3V3 20220518 6PM CEST
Roller Champions is out now

Of course, all items acquired in this timeframe will stay in the player’s locker after the end of the season.

Lace your skates, put on your helmet and dash into the arena today, by downloading Roller Champions, HERE

By Doccy Darko

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