Forza, Redfall and Everything from the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct

Xbox and Bethesda presented the first Developer_Direct. The showcase was an inside look at some of the biggest games coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.

Hosted by the game creators themselves we saw some glimpses at gameplay for upcoming releases and were gifted with one game called “Hi-Fi Rush” that launched straight after the event.

During the event, we got a much larger look at anticipated Vampire shooter “Redfall” as well as “Minecraft Legends”, “The Elder Scrolls Online”, and “Forza Motorsport” as well as release dates for most of the titles.

Hi-Fi Rush - Out Now
Minecraft Legends - April 18 2023
Forza Motorsport - Coming in 2023
The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom - June 20 2023
Redfall May 2, 2023
Recap of the Developer_direct
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