Fortnite Endgame is Here

After all the teasers on twitter we finally get a look at what the big Fortnite/Marvel crossover event for Avengers: Endgame is like and it is epic to say the least. 

In the last crossover you would get the Infinity Gauntlet to become Thanos and deliver justice to your foes but this time the team have delivered up one of the best and most unique Fortnite experiences to date.

You load into the 20 on 20 player experience either on the side of humanity wielding one of the Avengers many heroic weapons or part of Thanos’ army with lots of energy weapons (plus unlimited ammo) and jet packs with unlimited fuel but a cool down so you don’t spend all your time in the air.

The humanity weapons are fantastic, Captain Americas Sheild, Iron Man Gloves, even Hawkeye explosive bow does great damage. Plus there’s the added bonus that you get roughly three times the normal health for the entire match.

For Thanos team made up of the alien “Chitauri” the goal is to find the “Infinity Stones” as they drop onto the map at random locations. The first player to find one becomes Thanos and if they die, the power is passed to someone else. Once the team has collected all 6 stones they create an “Endgame Situation” which takes away humanities ability to respawn.

The game does an amazing job of creating heroic moments where your team of heroes feels hopelessly outnumbered with backs to each other desperately trying to defeat the alien invaders. It can be quite Chaotic at times.

There are times where the battle feels like a chaotic mess and others where it feels like the greatest superhero game ever made. The weapon responses are fantastically integrated into the style of gameplay that you are used to from Fortnite and in some respects its sad that this will be a limited time event. I highly recommend getting back in to play before Thanos clicks his fingers and we lose this important episode in the Fortnite legacy.

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