First Look at Doom: The Dark Ages

I had a mate say to me recently “I just want to play a shooter” and it’s like the God’s of Gaming heard his plee because a big part of the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 was the fact that Doom: The Dark Ages is coming in 2025.

Doom: The Dark Ages heralds the return of the unstoppable Doom Slayer in this upcoming single-player, dark fantasy action FPS from the legendary id Software.

The prequel to Doom (2016), Doom: The Dark Ages puts players behind the visor of the mighty Slayer as they battle demonic hordes in grounded, hard-hitting combat inside an epic, cinematic tale of gods, kings and monsters. Supplementing his superhuman skills and over-the-top arsenal, the Slayer will also call upon his colossal Atlan mech to brawl with titanic beasts and retake the skies aboard his ferocious steed: a jet-fueled, cybernetic war dragon.

Don your Shotgun, Shield Saw and Flail and charge headfirst into battle in 2025 when Doom: The Dark Ages arrives on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Phil Spencer has said it will also come to PS5 as “it’s a franchise that everyone deserves to play”.

Add Doom: The Dark Ages to your wishlist via the Microsoft Store as its coming in 2025.

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