Finally a Solution for That Stupid Name You Picked

When you signed up to your Playstation network did you use a super silly name like “Unicorn-Farts-1987” or “sparkle-time-edward-92”?

Well there’s some good news and bad news.

Sony has finally given us the ability to change your PSN name but as Stan said “with great power comes great responsibly”.

You get your first change free, but after that is where the whole thing goes down hill.

Each change after that could cost you around $8, on top of that some games especially pre 2018 games may not be compatible with the change, which could mean that your DLC won’t work or your game saves or potentially other issues.

Some games that are affected are Bloodborn, Dark Souls 2 and 3, GTA 5 or even Warframe where you could run into some even more painful issues.

The good news is you can revert back to your original name for free at anytime.

So think long and hard, what will your new name be?

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