A Must Watch Far Cry 5 Fan Film is Baptism of Fire by Fury Fingers

We’ve all been playing Far Cry 5 the last few weeks and heard whispers of a short film about the game. One thing we didn’t realise is that it would be this good!

Created by a film group based around Adelaide called Fury Fingers, “Baptism of Fire” is finally available on the Youtube channel and is worth a watch.

Running at around 15mins its a really great fan-film adaption of the popular game.

box art Far Cry 5
Box art Far Cry 5

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The actors playing the parts are remarkably similar and the landscape very fitting considering the whole thing was done in Australia.

There are so many great moments but the stand out for me was the dog, when he was in action it was truly awesome.

We need to make sure we support amazing talent like this so it’s really important that we share this with as many people as possible. Who knows, one day we’ll see the Fury Fingers team making content for the big guys like NETFLIX. I certainly hope so.

To check out other films by the same team check out the official youtube channel and make sure you subscribe here: Fury Fingers

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