Fashion Dreamer Sparks Memories of Barbie on the C64

Why Fashion Dreamer Stood Out

My little girl is extremely creative. She takes blank paper and draws on it then cuts it out into fashion designs for her Barbie dolls that really are impressive. She’s made hundreds of designs and never seems to tire of it. Considering she’s only 4 I had no idea she even knew what fashion was, to her it’s “dress ups”.

As she grows older I keep an eye out for video games that I think might interest her, so far the clear winner is Mario Kart but I’m always on the lookout for a game that will let her express herself creatively as well

Marvelous Europe have announced that the much-anticipated fashion and communication title developed by syn Sophia, Inc.Fashion Dreamer, will be launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch™ system in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand this November 3rd.

Additionally, a physical edition will be available with preorders starting soon at participating retailers. 

In celebration of the launch date reveal, fans were brought into the virtual world of Eve with an extended gameplay video exploring all the different features and creative options burgeoning fashion influencers will have at their disposal to build their personal brands.

Fashion Designer might be a bit beyond her years for now but it did make me think of the options to look at outside of the norm. I remember when I was a kid there was a great game on the Commodore 64 called Barbie that I admit I played on more than one occasion. It had a lot of similar themes to this new title and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a return Barbie to our systems in the future given the success of the recent movie.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Barbie on the C64
How Fashion Dreamer Plays

Fashion Dreamer is a creative-focused game where players can express their unique styles using their avatar, called a Muse.

Designers can create their own iconic looks from cozy casualwear to chic couture, choosing from hundreds of available options that can be customized to be a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Once players find their signature style, they can show off their latest outfits across different areas, called Cocoons.

There, they can also explore inspiring new fashions from other Muses whether playing on- or offline or display them in their showroom to garner even more attention and Likes for their brand. Players can also increase their influence by completing design challenges, unlocking even more customization options to elevate their brand.

Featuring asynchronous multiplayer, the world of Eve is inhabited by the Muses of designers from around the globe, allowing players to find inspiration or earn Likes for their most iconic fit virtually anywhere!

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