Far Cry: New Dawn Review

Spoilers from the ending of FAR CRY 5 (but seriously if you haven’t played that yet don’t look at any of the marketing for NEW DAWN.. or just hurry up)

Is Far Cry the new Fallout?

Set 17 years after Hope County and the rest of the world is devastated by the nuclear attack by the Father, the survivors that had taken shelter underground begin to emerge and rebuild society.

We are once again in Hope County where the survivors are rebuilding with the settlement of “Prosperity”. Pretty quickly though they are attacked by The Highwaymen led by twin sisters, Mickey and Lou. This group seem hell bent on chaos and that sets the tone for the overall story that is really about survival and justice in a post apocalyptic world of chaos.

You play as “The Captain” (No relation to the guy from Flight Centre) who is part of a group who travels around helping people in need. It’s really nice to see what comes next after the devastation in Far cry 5 and the change in pace of the game is welcome.

The world map is basically the same core as Far Cry 5 and that makes a fair bit of sense given that the area structure hasn’t changed but the colours of the fauna are more vibrant with the regrowth mixed with radiation and bloom. It’s one reason why this game could come out so soon after the last one and since they had spent years developing the map of Montana for Far Cry 5 it’s actually great that we get to use this massive playground again.

fc newdawn2The main story and side missions are plentiful so you’ll get plenty of hours of gameplay and meet some very strange characters along the way. I thought it was a nice tie in to the first game to have Carmina Rye return as we met her in the previous game with a mission to race her mother to the hospital to deliver her as a baby.

The game plays at its best when you just let loose and embrace the chaos. In that respect it can be very different to previous Far Cry titles that were more subtle and controlled. This title sets Far Cry in a more Fallout or RAGE type setting but at the same time it keeps some of the important story elements that have made the franchise a massive success.

fc newdawn1

Grab it now on PC, Playstation 4 or Xbox One, but for the best experience play it in 4K, it’s stunning!

Far Cry 5 is a 8 out of 10


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