Far Cry 5 – Byte Sized Review

I always think of the Far Cry series as my favourite B-grade action movies made into A-grade video games. There is just something about them that feels very cinematic and Far Cry 5 could be a movie no problem at all. It has everything, a powerful evil militia cult who have taken over a small region, a hero on a path of redemption and revenge and a cast of offsider’s and outcasts who help you along the way.

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This has the biggest changes in the franchise to date as well, removing the “climb to capture the tower” mechanic seen in the last few games and replacing it with genuine encounter based micro missions designed to help you grow and keep you entertained along side the main story. It certainly feels more “organic” than previous titles.

Played on a machine that enables 4k is going to be your best option as the mountain scenery that is spread through out the gameplay is some of the most stunning I have seen in a game to date. The Far Cry team have alway’s done a great job of making a beautiful world that you can immerse yourself in for hours at a time.

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Far Cry: Primal introduced a really great system with allies and “5” evolves it even more making characters and animals that are not only useful to your success in mission but fun to be around, you may even care about them. There is even a co-op mode so you can play with real people and a new “Arcade” mode that is the games new map editor. In it you can design missions using character and objects from the series and also other Ubisoft titles like Assassins Creed.

Far Cry 5 is the perfect sequel, delivering enough of what we love about the games of past and adding a stack of new fresh often innovative content to let us lose ourselves in an extremely well made sandbox shooter.

4 out of 5


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