Fallout 76 Announced with a Teaser Trailer

Bethesda Softworks have announced that the next game in the Fallout franchise will be “Fallout 76”.

Despite the fact that they have missed around 70 numbers to get to 76 fans are still excited with more details being revealed at this years E3.

The Bethesda showcase has been one of the highlights each year at the gaming conference and this year is set to be huge with Fallout added to a list that already includes RAGE 2 and more Elder Scrolls online.

You can watch it on June 10 at 6:30 p.m. US-PT or in Australia June 11/11:30 a.m.

Vault 76 has a history within the franchise already as it is mentioned as it is near Washington DC and didn’t experiment on it’s inhabitants.

As a sidenote, what another awesome soundtrack with a version of John Denvers Take me home, Country Roads that seems to have been made for the game or could be a version done by co writer Bill Danoff.


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