EA Kick off another e3 with Battlefield and Anthem

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again. E3 is here and with it all of the conferences that show off what we can expect from the gaming industry in the near future.

EA kicked off the event with the EA Play briefing and with it we’ve seen some insight into what games they’ll be bringing out.

There were some interesting additions and truths told about Star Wars Battlefront 2 which was interesting and it’s good that they are committed to the franchise.

stack of new trailers have been released at the same time.

We got to see some footage and a new trailer for the much anticipated “Anthem”. The gameplay in the stream looked insane.

Battlefield 5 is on display with a new multiplayer trailer

Plus as expected a look at all the new sports titles like Madden 19

and of course FIFA 19

NBA Live 19 looks very different to previous versions of the game

The ultra cute playstation game Unravel is returning with a sequel where you can team up with Yarny and chase the spark of adventure.

and SEA OF SOLITUDE gets a teaser trailer and some hint of the story. When humans get too lonely they turn into monsters. That’s what happened to Kay, finding the other monsters just like her could be the key to changing her back.

Everyone was excited to see a new Command and Conquer games announced in “rivals”, that was until it was discovered that it was for mobile devices. Now there seems to be a bit of disappointment washing over the internet.

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