Doom Eternal Not Slowing Down

In the last week we’ve seen the Film industry crippled by the corona-virus pandemic. Many highly anticipated movies like the latest James Bond film have been pushed back in an effort to not have large groups of people crammed into small rooms together, in Bonds case it was from April to November. 

This has not affected the gaming industry that continues with its release schedule. Most new games are available through digital means or even through the post if you require so this could be a huge opportunity for the industry as people “self isolate”.

Bethesda are one company that are sticking to the release scheduled for “Doom Eternal” which was due to come out last year and was already pushed back to March 20th 2020.

The new launch trailer shows off the shear speed and brutality of the game with the high energy erratic soundtrack being a massive highlight. 

We’ll also see a new technology in the game which they are referring to as “Destructible Demons”. Enemies bodies with deteriorate and eventually be destroyed over time, giving a visual look to the damage taken rather than just health bars and numbers.

“Doom Eternal” is set for release March 20th 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC

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