Do anything a spider can! (Spider-Man PS4 review)

Sony really nailed it by getting an exclusive release on PS4 for the new Spider-man game. It is a heavily followed IP and since Marvel took control of the movie franchise to create the excellent “Homecoming” and include the character in “Civil War” and “Infinity War” there has never been a better time to be a fan of this Superhero.

The real question is how do you create a Superhero video game from the character and not screw it up. Another smart move was to put the people responsible for the outstanding “Infamous” series in charge and borrow a little from the hugely successful “Batman Arkham” games. I mean if a team like Insomniac Games can create their own superhero IP like they did in “Infamous” and make it better than any of the big name titles of the time then imagine what they can do with a friendly neighbourhood household name like this.

The game picks up with a more mature Peter Parker patrolling a brilliantly vibrant and realistic New York City. He takes on his role as the web-slinger but now has real life adult problems rather than teen school drama. This is where the game really thrives, it’s storytelling is like the best TV shows at the moment, Its almost feels like a “season 1” rather than a once off like the movies. Character development across the hours of gameplay has a lot to do with that.

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Throughout the game you’ll interact with some of Spider-man greatest rogue gallery, but the story really revolves around a gang war between the likes of “The Kingpin” and “Mister Negative”.

The game captures what you think the feeling of web slinging physics would be and at the same time make it easy one button presses in a rhythm to propel forward so you can enjoy it rather than making it a boring “web sling simulator”. In fact you’ll find yourself exploring the massive sandbox and pulling of tricks in a very “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” fashion.

Combat is seamless and feels like it takes it’s queues from the Batman series. At times it feels like a dance similar to say the Brazilian Martial Art/dance called Capoeira that Eddy in Tekken uses.

The City is stunning and alive, you’ll high five people on the sidewalk for fun and crimes seem to break out randomly everywhere forcing you into action. It doesn’t feel like it has a dark underbelly though rarely moving past the colourful comic book prestige of comic book designs.

This game is designed for you to get lost in for hours at a time and have a smile on your face for the whole experience. The game play mechanics are near perfect for it’s genre and the fact that it’s a game based on an existing Superhero property that works is both a rare and pleasant surprise. You hardly ever see a game live up to the hype that this one has generated in the last year, but Spider-Man does it with style.

5 out of 5

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