Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King – Review

There’s a big emotion that is doing it’s job selling games in 2019 and it’s a powerful one. 

Let’s say for a moment you are listening to the radio and your favourite song from 15 years ago comes on, you immediately reach for the volume control to turn it up and sing along at the top of your voice. You may have happy memories from your past that you associate it with or even a person that you don’t see much anymore that you think of when you hear it. 

That emotion is Nostalgia and it seems like in 2019 it’s really doing it’s job at selling or even reselling old games that are getting a remastered make over. 

AB3 © Disney
You aint never had a game like this!

There is no better company in the world that feeds off of nostalgia than Disney. They just built an entire streaming service off of it called Disney+ that launches in Australia on November 19 and has a little bit of new stuff and a whole lot of what we have loved for many many years. It’s a great concept and I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, especially if we get some great quality new stuff with it. 

That feeling is the same with certain games as well, like for example the new releases of classic PC and console games “Aladdin” and “The Lion King”. When these games were first released we used to play them endlessly. They were platform based titles that really captured everything that was great about the genre. Few games that were designed like this managed that achievement but Disney seemed to nail it nearly every time, especially when you think of games like Ducktales, Donald Duck in Quack-shot and Mickey’s Castle of Illusion as well.

So now the team that brought you the bestselling and critically acclaimed Mega Man Collection and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection comes a collection of HD Remasters of the most beloved Disney Classics of all time!

For the first time in over 25 years on consoles “Aladdin” and “The Lion King” classics have been remastered for a whole a new audience.

The new remaster includes the original versions of each game as well as up scaled graphics to support high definition displays and additional upgrades to enhance your game play on current consoles. The collection also includes a brand-new “final cut” of Aladdin and an original Aladdin “trade-show demo” that has not been publicly available since 1993.

I don’t know how I survived without the rewind button that’s been added to this version, but it’s great. Some of those levels are really long and when you are powering through and make a little mistake the original versions were very unforgiving. 

Also if you were not keen to play but wanted to revisit the game in it’s entirety you can set it to an interactive watch mode where you can skip forward and even jump in and play at any point. This was an interesting addition as when it was first mentioned the big question was, why not just watch a Youtube play-through? That ability to jump in at anytime is really cool.

Big bonus, you can save your game at anytime as well. 

The museum feature lets you go behind the scenes and learn about the creation of the games, so if you really want to nerd out hard in fandom this could be the main reason to get it. There’s videos with the original development teams and galleries of images including some pretty spectacular HD concept art and marketing stuff.

The last thing worth mentioning is that you can listen to the soundtracks of the games in music players. They are addictive little tunes but I’m not sure they compare the the film versions for listen-ability. 

Overall this collection is a pretty neat one even if it is a tad overpriced in Australia with some stores selling it for $59.

But what price would you pay for nostalgia?

This game was reviewed by DoccyDarko on Xbox One.

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