Detroit Become Human – A Byte Sized Review

We’ve certainly come a long way in decision based entertainment since the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books we used to read as kids to the “Point and Click Adventure” games from company’s like Lucas Arts in the 90’s and now to what feels like a fully immersive interactive movie in Detroit: Become Human.


The choices you make in the game can change the personality of characters and the overall tone of the story arc. Every time you play the game you’ll get a different outcome in the story based on those decisions. That’s not to say that every decision will drastically change the path, but there are enough subtle differences that snowball to become larger tougher choices.

The performance capture technology that the developers Quantic Dream have used seems leaps and bounds ahead of anything else. Each character can express themselves without the use of words and don’t feel “soulless” like some other versions of the tech.

The controls feel a little clunky at first, but after some time playing the game you’ll feel comfortable in movement, and the way the controls appear on screen just look beautiful as they are highly stylised with integration.


The world is deep and rich with history which gives it a sense of realism even though it’s setting is very science fiction in an almost “Blade Runner” way. The only downside here is that the story is so linear that you don’t get to really explore every nook of the universe.

Detroit: Become Human is another masterpiece from Quantic Dream, the same people that gave us stunning dramatic games like Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit and Beyond: Two Souls.


It’s available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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