Classic Games: Warcraft: Orcs and Humans

In the 90’s LAN parties were all the rage, we would often gather at a friends house and link up through a router (or serial cable to begin with) to trade information and play games.

One of the best style of games to play was the RTS (Real Time Strategy) where you build up your resources and forces to take on other players armies. We would build alliances and have nemesis in epic battles that could last for hours. Some of the titles we would play were Dune 2, Command and Conquer and Age of Empires but one for me stood out above the others and in todays gaming landscape the name means something very different since it became a “World of”. The RTS I think is a classic game is Warcraft – Orcs & Humans.

Blizzard created an amazing, funny and immersive world with these original games and as we were also playing role playing games like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons the theme of the title was really relatable.

There was a real sense of achievement when you began to build your village after collecting enough resources like gold and wood. You then began to set up your defences and build the army and you would take a look and think, “if this was all the game was I’d still be happy”. I guess that’s why games like SIMS have always done so well. It didn’t stop there though, the next minute you see a lone builder enter your village and he’s not one of yours. The army under your control would destroy him in a moment, but you knew that this was just a scout and the real battle was about to begin, everything you built could either come crashing down or if you won, you were about to have bragging rights (at least until the next game).

the successor to Warcraft was naturally Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness (1995) and that was followed by the expansion “Beyond the Dark Portal”. Later it evolved into a science fiction futuristic version called Starcraft. In 2002 we saw Warcraft 3.

But do you think it’s time now for Blizzard to give us a Warcraft 4? I certainly do, although the genre of games never worked well on console systems in my opinion so that would limit the player base. Perhaps a Warcraft Vs Starcraft? or something bizare like that.


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