Classic Games: Day of the Tentacle

Not all classic games were made in the 80’s. In 1993 Lucas Arts were on a bit of a roll and released possibly one of the funniest point and click adventures ever created, Day of the Tentacle a sequel to Maniac Mansion.

In the game you play the part of Bernard and his friends Hoagie & Laverne who travel through time solving puzzles in an attempt to defeat the evil Purple Tentacle from taking over the world.

Even though this wasn’t the first of it’s kind, players really loved the cartoon graphics and hilarious comedy that was interwoven throughout the game.

It also featured cool easter eggs like having the entire Maniac Mansion game playable through a computer that looked like a Commodore 64. To my knowledge this is the first time this was done although many games have featured a similar style secret since.

I remember playing this on what must have been our old 386 or maybe 486 with my good friends Leigh and Nicki. We’d sit around the computer to play, solve and have a great laugh, usually all night til the sun came up. Great memories!

In 2016 a remastered version of the game was released for PS4, Vita, PC and OS X which was later followed by an iOS version.

(thanks to rabidretrospectgames for uploading this play through on youtube)

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