Nintendo Switch

Fae Farm is A Cozy and Enchanting World on Nintendo!

“Fae Farm” on Nintendo Switch is an enchanting and heartwarming escape to the whimsical world of Azoria, where players can craft their own cozy haven amidst magical creatures, forge bonds with charming characters, and embark on a captivating adventure like no other. With its delightful blend of customization, exploration, and social interaction, “Fae Farm” offers a magical experience.

Super Mario Bros Wonder Extended Gameplay Feature

Prepare for an exciting plunge into the unknown with Super Mario Bros Wonder, the latest iteration of Mario’s adventures and the first 2D side-scrolling Super Mario game in over a decade. This new installment offers a fresh experience with a newly introduced Flower Kingdom to explore and a diverse array of playable characters. The new game introduces an intriguing element known as Wonder Flowers, which are game-changing items capable of producing astonishing effects.

ASUS ROG ALLY: The Ultimate Handheld Gaming PC to Rival SteamDeck

The ASUS ROG ALLY sets a new standard for handheld gaming PCs. While the price point may initially seem high for a console-like device, considering its power and versatility, the ROG ALLY proves to be one of the best ways to stay connected with the world of gaming PCs and offers the ultimate gaming experience on the go.

Nintendo Direct on Mushroom Overdrive

If you are like me and love a good role-playing game, you can rejoice as the iconic plumber takes on a new genre in Super Mario RPG. Originally released on Super NES, this beloved title returns with stunning new graphics, inviting players to join Mario, Bowser, and their friends in an epic quest to recover seven stars and save the Star Road. Prepare to embark on this timeless adventure when Super Mario RPG arrives on November 17th for the Nintendo Switch.