Call of Duty Drops Free Content for Season 1

In a move that is very out of character in this industry the first season of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” has launched with an official trailer and it’s the largest amount of FREE content offered in the franchise’s history.

It’s sees the return of classic maps like Crash (with that downed chopper!), and adds new maps as well.

Atrium and Cargo are the two new maps as well as a new Ground War experience called “Port”:

Port: Port is the site of a supposed major shipment leaving Verdansk. Battle against your enemies among the shipping containers, cranes, buildings, and streets that define this unique addition to the Ground War map rotation

Atrium: The centerpiece of a massive palace inside Verdansk holds a gorgeous atrium that has somehow kept its beauty throughout the war. Don’t admire the scenery too much, however: this palace is an important tactical foothold deep within the city. Gunfights here will take place around this open-air space with a large tree acting as the room’s focal point.

Cargo: The other 2v2 map takes place on the docks of London. With a major shipment set to leave here towards Verdansk, Coalition and Allegiance operators are locked in a Gunfight within the confines of this small, open-roof storage vessel for shipping containers. Wrest control of this dock, and your team will have the honor of stopping these contraband shipments from happening.

There are new weapons available for your Gunsmith grinding to use across a sweep of new modes and Special Ops experiences.

Plus players can put their skills to the test in the Gunfight Tournament Beta, available now but only for a limited time

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